A few years ago while driving to Cleveland, I spotted an old cabinet on the curb. It was dark but traffic was relatively light, so I shouted stop. The driver stopped- and so did our friend’s who were following. In short order, the cabinet made it into the back of the pick-up truck. In the day light, it became obvious exactly why the cabinet was on the curb. But still, with a little work and some paint . . .¬†Soon after moving into Eclipse Company Town, we moved the cabinet to the front porch.


Two weeks ago, I knew it was time that the street find cabinet became more respectable . . . more front parlor rather than front porch. After a lot of scrubbing, some sanding and a little gluing, it was time for paint. I had a bit of Copen Blue ( Sherwin Williams) and some antique white, and then the magic happened.

The cabinet looks a little different. Next, I will apply a few coats of wax. Hopefully, this cabinet will live another one hundred years!