Not sure how it happened. There are so many coats here that I want to name them. Not such a far-fetched idea because they each have a personality of their own. I have decided to show them without much editorial since they speak volumes.
The first coat is not a coat, but rather a Hand-Made Cape in Wool.





Next, a car coat, so named because the shorter length is easier to negotiate the getting in and out of a vehicle!



This Pendleton Coat for men, kind of looks like a rancher might wear this on Sunday.




A Varsity Jacket from High School. Tell me, have you ever had a cute young man slip one of these on your shoulders?




A zippered light-weight jacket for running – this one is Adidas. Pretty cool!



Look at the buttons on this coat! So June Cleaver!




Then, for another day, a going to the city and I want to stay warm because it is so cold outside coat. With this coat, no one will care what you have underneath.





This red plaid jacket by Pendleton is just about the nerdiest, ugliest jacket that I have ever seen. I thought about this jacket and ugly sweater contests. I just know this jacket would “win” the ugly Christmas Contest. . .

So, I decided to give this jacket to one lucky person! If you need this jacket for your next office event or maybe as a gift for a truly special co-worker then look no further. Leave a comment, we will draw a name . . . And announce the new owner next Saturday right here! There is only one stipulation, please send a photo of the jacket on the lucky winner.
By the way, the jacket is about a size 10.

How exciting! Our first give away.

If you can’t pick it up, no worries, we will send it to you – quickly. In time for Christmas!