Lately a lot of earrings! They are so interesting that they deserve their own little vignette. 2014/12/img_9946.jpg From Hand Painted Porcelain to Mod Sixties! 2014/12/img_9565.jpg

Celluloid from the 1930s on a silver filigree back. 2014/12/img_9740.jpg Fifties Large Plastic Disc Clip Ons! 2014/12/img_9950.jpg Everyone needs one lipstick holder with a flip open mirror. Right? 2014/12/img_9760.jpg 2014/12/_9757.jpg Vintage Fashion is fun – even if you don’t wear jewelry. It is a fantasy land just as Diana Vreeland portrayed in the pages of Vogue with Richard Avedon to capture her flights of fancy. Those were the days. Having fun finding these tucked away here and there; like an archaeologist! Flights of Fancy.