It all started with one tie. One taste of the forbidden or the rare or the exceptional and then, our viewpoint changes. The ordinary seems  . . . well,  just ordinary.  The first necktie belonged to my father. He had a collection of old ties and I loved them! Silky and so funky. I inherited them, then gave them away – except for one. Olive green with orange paisley . . . it seemed to add a dash of pizzazz to whatever I wore. It is over four inches wide, crafted from silk by Hy Value Cravats.

Two Neckties, Two Generations


I have another tie in my collection that is from the sixties – very narrow and a lot more conservative than my father’s tie! This tie is an all silk tie manufactured in England but has the retailer’s mark also, The Squire Ltd. in Columbus Ohio. This tie belonged to my sweetie – it is very worn with frayed threads! He was not a clothes hound – in fact he prided himself on a closet that was almost empty. A man of simple needs with one tie that he wore – a lot. The two ties are a study in contrasts – nope, as much as I love him, I did not marry my Dad.

Looking for ties in a department store is a real let down for me. They do not have the personality that Vintage ties possess. You might say, that nowadays, the necktie world in the department store is a sea of sameness . . . reminiscent of the opening scene of Joe and the Volcano. Men in Suits in the business world . . not a lot of excitement rather more like uniforms.

Sea of Sameness, Joe and the Volcano


From time to time, I look at vintage ties in thrift stores. On rare occasions, I have found a few that pass the muster. Here are the best of them. And given the time of year, one of them might just be the perfect gift for your sweetie or even your self.



Architecture Wide, Diagonal and Narrow


All of these ties are silk, of course, and all seem to have a sense of architecture. No hearts, no flowers, not too bold and all are understated. Except for the Christmas Necktie that I found . . in fact, I cannot quite understand the meaning of the graphics. Maybe you can decipher! Leave your thoughts, and the tie is yours. The last giveaway before Christmas!

Christmas Necktie
Christmas Necktie