Sometimes I “meet” people on Etsy who speak to me far beyond their email or convo in Etsy speak. In fact, I think that I have been so lucky to meet so many kind and generous people on Etsy. But one day, I discovered that a pair of gloves was going to be worn at a wedding. Imagine that . . . a wedding in Texas. A pair of sheer pink gloves that are much like the pair pictured in this advertisement.

Sheerio Gloves Ad
Sheerio Gloves Ad


The gloves made an impression on a young lady named Laura. As she wrote:

Loved the lace, but the pink ones are definitely my favorite so I just placed an order!

And off the gloves went via the United States Post Office.  One week later, she wrote:

I absolutely loved them👍 they are so perfect..

I, of course, was just delighted to know that the gloves were a perfect fit. Little did I know why Laura needed the gloves until one week had passed. I was so happy to see photos of Laura wearing the gloves. I decided to add the photos to this blog as a record but first I asked for her permission to share her photos with the world. . .


It was later that she announced the special occasion for the gloves:

I am so glad you enjoyed them . . .  I think they are perfect for your blog, I would be so honored. We have been engaged for about 3 years now, got pregnant along the way and we just kept putting the wedding off. We finally decided to do it, the wedding is actually next weekend! We planned everything in a month. It’s all happening so quick, but we are excited to do things right.

Long past due this post; but still, I offer all the best and kindest wishes for this beautiful little family.