The best thing about a hat –  put a hat on your head and you can become a different person. Or the same person with a different attitude. Especially with  a vintage hat.

Recently, we inherited quite a few fascinators. “A what,” you might say, well I hope a few of you might say since I was perplexed. What is a fascinator? According to Google, “a woman’s light, decorative headpiece consisting of feathers, flowers, beads, etc., attached to a comb or hair clip.”  A fascinator might look like this  . . .




Our model, Francine, wore the hats well. Look at this orange fascinator – it really is a WOW.  But then so is the red silk corsage with an invisible veil. After taking photos of these gems, I have been really curious about wearing one . . ..



The best advice that I found about wearing a hat is from Rob Young in a piece he wrote, Millinery Madness:


It’s down to whether it’s being worn with ease and conviction or as an affectation. There’s no room for mistake here. Either a hat looks sensational or terrible, which is really down to the wearer and if they are enjoying the experience.