If there is one pattern that defines restaurant ware then perhaps, a green crest border would find a place in the top three patterns. But still, it is not easy to find in quantity these days. But sometimes, a tall stack of these old diner dishes appears in a dusty old basement or the back room of a restaurant. Like these. . . . stacks and stacks of plates.

Green Crest Restaurant Ware


A rose is still a rose by any name. Or a green wavy border is still a . . ..  Variations by other producers did have other names:

Crest Green by Buffalo China
Everglade by Shenango China
Lancer by Jackson China
Tidal by McNicol China
Normandy by Mayer China
Wintergreen by Syracuse


Small Fruit Bowls by Sterling China. East Liverpool Ohio.

Love the way that the crisp green border looks with white ironstone plates. And they are perfect for the barbecue in the backyard – reusable and eco-friendly, of course. But they resist stains, chips, and breakage. Put them in the oven, warm them near the grill and then put them in a dishwasher. They are ready to go for another few decades. What is not to love?


Perhaps one of the best ways to check restaurant ware is by flipping it. . . literally. Chips are common from years of literally throwing them in the dishwasher. Even with that abuse, most often a mug will serve for years to come. But sometimes, you flip and find a piece that looks almost new. Like this one . . .


When a plate or cup is dinged or stained on the bottom rim, try a Magic Eraser – run it around the rim. As if by magic, most marks are gone. If not, then try Barkeeper’s Friend. Most of the time, these work – my guess is 90% of the time. But if the plate is a beauty, the glaze is good and it is clean then, why worry?

All in all, after a long day, it is great to sit down with a cup of tea . . . in a heavy durable well-crafted cup that will help to keep the tea warm longer. Created and produced to last over time. This cup is a beauty.


Albert Pick Cup ca. 1920s with Sterling Saucer